Summerwind Story

"When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered."

- Author Unknown

Rolling hills and the sun glisten off of the Branch Creek, the sound of horses calling to each other is how the day begins at Summerwind. And we would not have it any other way. Along with my daughters, our German & Shiloh Shepherds, numerous cats and beloved Spanish Arabian horses I am looking forward to a prosperous and exciting 2014.

From a solid beginning, selecting the finest breeding stock in the United States, we have grown from a small breeding farm to a world-class operation. This has been accomplished by staying involved with the Spanish Arabian community as well as continuing to perform the daily responsibilities caring for our horses at Summerwind. We pride ourselves on our focus of superior quality, and are firm in our belief that the cornerstone to any successful breeding operation lies within the careful selection of a predominant group of outstanding quality broodmares. We have chosen our straight Spanish stallions based on their exquisite classical Spanish bloodlines, which have proven to produce numerous champions in both halter and performance.

Summerwind is passionately dedicated to preserving the Spanish Arabian legacy; sound in both body and mind, as well as being a part of this versatile animals evolution. Our priorities are:

  • correct conformation & athleticism
  • trainability
  • type
  • gentle & trusting nature
  • hybrid vigor

We warmly invite you to browse our website and allow us to introduce to you the beauty and mystique of the Spanish Arabian, which has captivated our hearts.