About us

Nestled in a valley along the Branch Creek in Harleysville, Pennsylvania lies the picturesque and historic farm which is home to Summerwind Spanish Arabians.

We are a small family owned and operated breeding farm that consists of myself (Joy) and my girls, Victoria and Francesca, who are all involved with the daily responsibilities of our life at Summerwind Farm. We breed Thoroughbred racehorses on a small scale, however our true passion is our Spanish Arabian horses. We pride ourselves on our focus of superior quality, not quantity, and are firm in our belief that the cornerstone to any successful breeding operation lies within the careful selection of a predominant group of outstanding quality broodmares. We have chosen our straight Spanish stallion, Sasakis Samurai, based on his exquisite classical Spanish bloodlines, which have proven to produce numerous champions in both halter and performance.

Summerwind is passionately dedicated to preserving the Spanish Arabian legacy through selective breeding of Spanish Arabian horses, sound in both body and mind. We strive to produce the type, correct conformation, athleticism, trainability, gentle, trusting nature, and the hybrid vigor expected from quality Spanish breeding.

We warmly invite you to browse our website and allow us to introduce to you the beauty and mystique of the Spanish Arabian, which has captivated our hearts.

Welcome to Summerwind…

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